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Special Classes


Feature guest artists and cover many areas of interest to potters, hobbyists, and artists.  Pricing is “by topic”.
ie: Sculpting, Specialty Decoration & Tile making, Mosaic tile, Drawing & Majolica decoration, Raku or specialty firings, Specialty Clay Work and Jewelry making, or…“Let us know what you want



raku2We periodically offer our popular Raku class with local Master Potter John Nelson.

We meet at John's studio on Saturday morning at 8 am for a day filled with pottery, John's special Raku glazes, John’s demonstrations, food, fun and fellowship.  John's studio is just around the corner from Sunin and maps will be furnished when you sign up.

8am - 4pm or until finished firing
$300 Full Workshop   $200 Firing only*
(Participation requires payment at registration.  Must have a minimum of four potters/students for the workshop to work
and a maximum number of participants is eight persons.)

NOTE: Special Pricing for those who have previously participated in Sunin Raku workshops:
$250 full workshop or $150 firing only*

*The FIRING ONLY prices are for those who have raku experience or have your own studio, you may work and participate in the firing day for the reduced fee, but only the bisque firing cost and glazes are covered.  You must buy your clay.

Let us know if you are interested in this class-210-494-9100 .

Form and Function

Take a journey of exploration and experimentation, creating and critiquing the functional cylinder in four sessions. We'll explore aesthetics, adaptation, and function, while expanding our own creative mojo.

Each two-hour session will involve an hour to an hour-and-a-half of throwing time within the day's assignment. During that hour we'll take a concept and throw several designs. The second part of the class will be spent studying our resulting forms and discussing what we see, how we interpret what each of us has made, and looking at what and why some forms are successful and how we might change those that are not.

You must be able to throw a successful cylinder for this class, though there is no minimum amount of clay specified in this prerequisite. (In other words, you can be successful with 1 lb. and still be an active participant in the class.)

Dates TBD, let us know if you are interested in this class-210-494-9100

high-fire-decals smallHigh Fire Decals

Learn the art of using high fire decals on your work!

Class 1 learn how to use underglazes or underglaze decals to enhance the image.

Class 2 learn about applying the decals to your glazed work. 

$150, all inclusive: instruction, clay, firings, glazes.

Dates TBD, let us know if you are interested in this class-210-494-9100

Special Series

This is an example of some of the types of workshops we have offered in the past.  Let us know if you are interested in seeing any of these repeated or if you have suggestions for other workshops.  Give us a call at 210-494-9100.

Workshop 1—Selling on Etsy.  Have you thought of selling your work on Etsy? Come to a workshop devoted to teaching the ins and outs of finding success on this incredible online marketplace with April Grunspan, owner of Etsy's AgruArts

Workshop 2—Chops 'n Stamps with April Grunspan.  Make your own unique decorative stamps and signature "chop" (just another word for a stamp).  Think openly and bring pictures or drawing for your design ideas—or we can make suggestions. 

Workshop 3—Whimsical Clay Decoration with David Winningham.  Think "French Rococo Wedding Cakes meets Pottery" This workshop will explore all things decorative. Taking cues from wedding cakes, rococo motifs, and a world of whimsy, David Winningham will demonstrate his unique brand of ceramic decoration. Participants will leave the workshop with a toolbox of décor including sculpted flowers, fabric ruffles, and other ornamental motifs. David's work can been seen at will be pre-thrown cylinders available for use)

Special SAMPLER Package

Ever want to test your hands in clay, create a family bonding event, or just plan a special date? All are by appointment only.
$85 per person
2 hours of studio time, instruction with use of studio tools, clay, and glazes.

Girl Scout Troop Pottery Badge

A very special Sampler class created (and priced) for the Girl Scouts of America for them to earn their pottery and ceramic badge. By appointment only.  
$30.00 per person for   
2 hours of studio time, instruction with use of studio tools, clay, and glazes.

Accelerated Classes

Special Arrangements may be made for accelerated classes that may be completed in 1 – 2 weeks. (i.e.: Out-of-Town visitors, Holidays, Spring Break or Summer Camps)

Special Classes

georgie_bioSCULPTING with Georgie Young
Saturday 10am – noon for 4 weeks each month
$150.00 includes classes, a bag of clay,  and firing.
Georgie is a wonderfully gifted artist and a surprisingly magical instructor uncovering creative talent that students are unaware they possess. There is no prerequisite required and this class is for all levels…novice to experienced potter. Each month the class learns a new technique and creates “works of art”. In the past months, they have made small bas relief tiles, Venus replicas, Virgin of Guadalupe replicas, “Faces”, and … bring your ideas.  Click here to see what our sculpting students are doing.


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