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Georgie Young

Georgie is now offering Ceramic Repair. Give the studio a call for information. 210-494-9100

georgie_bioGeorgie Young has been creating art since she was a child, developing a love of drawing when she was only four by copying cartoons from books. Without the required encouragement (actually because of some “uncreative” teachers), she didn’t start drawing again until her late teens.  She was able to enroll in a commercial art program at Delgado in New Orleans but gave that up after a few months when she became pregnant with her son.  Another decade passed before she was again able to attend art school at McGehee’s in New Orleans.  Most community colleges offer life drawing classes and Georgie has availed herself of these at several schools.  The life drawing class experiences have helped greatly to inform her work as a sculptor.

Georgie discovered the addiction of clay when perusing the NEISD Community School catalog where Sunin Clay Studio listed its beginner classes. She had never been exposed to clay in school so she decided she had to try it.  The first class consisted of hand-building and other basic lessons. At her first class she learned there was a sculpting seminar with Mark Waggoner that afternoon and asked Linda if she could attend.  Of course Linda said "yes" and the rest is history. 

In Georgie's sculpting classes, she has found that most students want a lot of freedom to explore subjects that interest them.  So after two seminars of following set instructions to complete a “Venus” and a bust of their choice (some chose a male head and others a female), she gave in and let the students explore on their own, giving them assistance where needed. Georgie encourages the students to read and draw the human anatomy to develop a fuller understanding of what they are doing when they sculpt; thus, learning about the body and how to represent it in three dimensions. Some recent projects include sculptures of the Lady of Guadalupe and St. Francis. A few have also started their own nativity scenes. Even with the same subject, each student brings her/his own creativity to the project.

In the sculpting class, students are actually cutting things out of the clay to create the objects, as opposed to hand-building where the object is built up or added to an armature.  Either way (i.e., cutting away or building up) are legitimate sculpting choices.  If cutting away is the choice, after completion the sculpture must be cut in half so that it can be hollowed out prior to firing. This can be hard on the students since no one wants to slice her/his creation in half! However, after much prompting and assurance the hollowing is done, the sculpture is put back together, and the students are amazed and happy with the results.

Sculpting is highly creative, with students able to create almost anything they can imagine. Georgie works with students of all abilities, so if you have not tried it yet, why not give sculpting a try!

Georgie is now offering Ceramic Repair.  Give the studio a call for information.  210-494-9100


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