Studio and Gallery Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
11AM – 8:30PM 

10AM – 6PM

Sunday, Monday & Friday


Class Schedule

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Working Studio Time

Monthly Agreements

Experienced potters may use the studio facilities and equipment on a monthly basis after exhibiting knowledge and expertise.
•    Provide own working tools.
•    Studio equipment includes Wheels, Slab Roller, Tables, and wall-hung Extruder; plus numerous decorative accessories and slump/hump molding forms.
•    Clay, glazes, tools and firings are available for purchase at studio.
•    Cost for monthly studio rental is $80.

The Class/Monthly special

Offers studio time to anyone currently enrolled in a SUNIN class.
•    Cost is Class (or Workshop fee) plus studio time at ½ of the monthly studio fee or $40
•    Class is all inclusive for firings, glaze, & clay.
•    Studio and availability is during business hours and contingent on class schedules.
•    All work done “on your own time” is billable for firings, glaze and clay.

Hourly Studio Rental


All requirements and guidelines are the same as monthly users.