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About Us

SUNIN Clay Studio has been designed to introduce the world of clay to everyone.  With an emphasis on functional and artistic pottery, anyone with a curiosity of the art will benefit from classes and experienced potters are provided a nurturing, well-equipped studio and gallery in which to work.  The studio is also a convenient north side retail location for purchasing all clays, glazes, tools, and equipment.  PLUS, the studio does firing of both high and low fire clays and glazes for those without access to a kiln.

lindaLinda Pope has created a sanctuary for potters needing a place to work with pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, work tables, design tools; as well as a forum for sharing ideas and techniques and networking with other potters and artists.

For the beginner or persons testing their interest in pottery, we offer affordable classes and encourage expanded learning with local artists, special classes & workshops at SUNIN.  Some advanced classes are available at the studio, but we encourage expanded academic learning through college & university programs while using the SUNIN studio as a place to work and share talents with other potters and artists.

The studio has the pleasure and honor of offering various techniques, styles and ideas though classes and workshops taught by local artist/instructors with multiple years of experience  and  have studied all over the world with many well-known potters, ceramicists and decorative artists.

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